About us

Green Space designing, as the name suggests, we endeavor to give you the best of both worlds, modern spaces with the rustic beauty of the countryside. At Peace Lily, this is what we are all about we intend on providing services ranging from a fixing a single plant to a complete makeover.

Our little journey started with a single step towards the idea of bringing together human emotions and plants that help in representing your space. In today’s modern times, urban cities are full of concrete, and plants have taken a backseat. At Peace Lily, we intend to not just wash over the concrete space, but, to elevate them by creating green space.

Our services include but are not limited to live plants for display for both commercial and otherwise, ambient scenting, complete office plant services, revamping offices to allow the accommodation of plants such as in patios and terraces, and green wall- design, installation, and maintenance.

We believe in narrating your experience with plants. The experience could be a terrarium (plants in a glass), a vertical garden for your loved ones, or even an office garden for your employees. For anyone and everyone, We at Peace Lily offer our eco friendly, quirky services so you can express yourself in the language of mother nature!